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Meet IPC/Evergreen RX

Our team is made up of highly experienced managed care professionals with technical and analytical expertise and unprecedented access and leverage in the reinsurance marketplace.



Email Powell Brown
CEO Brown & Brown Insurance
Email Steve Denton
CEO Beecher Carlson

Email Frank McKenna
Exec. VP Managed Care
Email Ron Taylor Ron Taylor
Senior Managing Director

Christine Johnston Christine Johnston
Managing Director
Email Primrose Canto, CPhT
Account Assistant

Jim Korte
Vice President of Operations
Email Amber Vollmar
Director of Analytics

Email Travis Baughn, Pharm D.
Account Executive
Email Michele Bartley
Government Programs Specialist

Email Tara Keevan, CPhT
Account Executive
Email Karla Barnett, Pharm D
Consulting Pharmacist

Email Samantha Jackson
Operations Manager
Email Gwen McNeil
Account Executive (Sales & Marketing)

Email Pennylynn Canto
Data Integrity Specialist
Email Aaron Usher
Data Analyst

Email Jordan Kury
Data Analyst


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